Zard was born in 2005 as  a branch of G.P.Tecnica dedicated to the production of motorbike exhausts both for aftermarket and first equipment. G.P.Tecnica was born in 1989 and works in the industrial field of die construction, cold forming and assembly of bodywork parts for motorcycle and automotive.

Particularly, the latter is specialized in the production of aluminium, titanium and stainless steel parts for car industry and with a tight partnership with ILAS Group S.r.l. produces a wide variety of fuel tanks for the most important motorcycle brands.
Its main customers are Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat Auto, Iveco, Magna Steyer, Polaris, Royal Enfield. The overall staff counts on about 100 people and the two factories extend their plant on an area of about 15000 square metres that serve as offices, workshops and warehouses.

Zard produces innovative and high performing products, making the most of its capabilities in terms of production and technologies, in a complete sinergy with the creativity and the experience reached by its staff in motorcycle field, both street and racing.

Zard product must be considered as craftmade, using the most modern technologies that the company has.
Quality, design and performances are the main features of Zard exhausts, both for street use ones, in homologated version, and for racing versions.

Mission: the desire for new goals and new challenges is the engine of our life; as in every engine, the exhaust is an essential element, not a simple and static piece of iron, but and instrument that give voice and soul to your bike, here the dream has begun, I want to try!

In a market scenario full of well known exhaust manufacturers, the enterprise has seemed as a great hazard and from that great hazard was born ZARD, starting its way in a small garage with the aid of simple tools ad in a middle of thousandm troubles, but with a lot of passion, energy and know-how, our fuel.
The time passed quickly and nowadays ZARD was a dream that comes a splendid true, with its content in term of high-technology, ever preserving the starting passion and motivation in projecting and building innovative exhaust systems following the bikers for the bikers and to all of them, to all our customers, we would like to send a great thanks for having consented us to realize all of this.

During our journey, since we have a soul experienced in racing, we were of course attracted by the contests, the maximum expression of bik’s passion, the race.
This term means all the situation when there is the desire of fasten a number to a bike and issues a challenge, as we have done, and this is valid at every level, we have always supported with the same products both the amateurs and the professional drivers engaged in the various world championships and the result is the products that all of you can buy from our catalogue.

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