Design & Technology

The know-how applied to every Zard product come from the experience of a R&D department that counts on the most modern hardware and software solutions, coupled with the use of presses, 2D and 3D laser, robots, electric pipefolders, automatic calenders, working centres and a dyno. The raw materials today used to made a Zard exhaust are: steel, tianium, various aluminium alloy and carbonium.
Each one, during the working progress has undergone many specific treatment such as the high temperature-resistant (over to 800°) ceramic coating, available on most our black, white, cream tone products and also on every colors on demand.

Zard is the first market supplier for Bimota, Morini, Indian, Fantic and deeply collaborates with the Ducati R&D department. Our aftermarket lineup is sold all over the world by a well-structured sales network.In the 2010 Zard won the Italian Superbike Championship with Alex Polita and the Barni Racing Team moreover to the same title in 2006 with Luca Scassa ancd the EVR Team.

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